Monday, April 16

in sickness + in health

my older boy, matthew, has been a bit under the weather these past few days. and when i say under the weather, i mean it has slowed him down perhaps a fraction of a percentage from his normal routine of high energy rambunctiousness.

exhibit a - the "sad face"

the kid is as healthy as a horse. i believe this round of not feeling well is only the second time in his baby-and-childhood that i have taken his temperature, maybe third max. he is my inspiration for good health.

but it breaks my heart a little every time he looks up at me with his tired brown eyes that mirror mine, and says, "mama, i no feel good. feel me better, mama." and there's not really much i can do except encourage him to drink, make him nourishing and comforting meals, and give him all the love a mama has to give her boy.

i have to remind myself sometimes that he is still little - and this concept of sickness is really rather foreign to my little picture of health. he understands that he is fighting off germies, but doesn't understand why the all-powerful, all-defeating, all-soothing mama kiss can't immediately make this better. it made yesterday's bee sting all better, it made that tumble off the couch all better, why am i not all better instantaneously now?

i try to explain to him that his body is fighting a battle against yucky germs, and he is winning stupendously. but it'll still take time for his body to be rid of all that grossness inside. he needs to be patient while his body does what it needs to in order to be restored to health.

hint, hint. 

nudge, nudge. 

what, Lord? there's something for me to learn even here?

the next time i demand that the Lord make it all better for me, i'll try to remember what i told my boy - sometimes, it just takes time. time to grow in holiness, time to be patient and wait on the lord, time to glean insight and wisdom from particular situations and challenges.

waiting is no fun. but sometimes the wait is what achieves the goal you desire.

Lord, allow me the grace to make full use of the time i am given.
help me to be present fully in this moment, to use every opportunity to grow in holiness.

help me wait on you, be content in your time, and look for your hand in every circumstance.

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