Monday, April 9

c'est bon.

i had two encounters today that brought to my attention yet again how very blessed i am.

i had two separate conversations with two very different men--one was a big, burly firefighter, bald head and muscular tattooed arms and all. the other was a father of two with a slight build and a lisp.

both adore their kids. both are in the midst of a divorce. both are worried about how their kids will adjust.

both have wives they cherish, who unfortunately appear to be dissatisfied with their chosen path in life.

i only spoke with the firefighter for a few moments, long enough for me to thank him for his service, and for him to pour out his sorrow to me. he has a beautiful 8 year old and a wife that he just wants to be happy and feel fulfilled in life. and it seems that she cannot find that with the two of them. my heart broke a little for this strong, gentle giant of a man who i could see simply desired the best for his wife and son.

she wanted more, or perhaps different.

the other father i have spoken to before. he lives in our development and his kids are buddies with my boy. when we first met him, i knew within a few minutes of looking in his eyes that he was dealing with heartbreak, and didn't know how to move into tomorrow. he shared openly with me, a compassionate stranger, that he and his wife were entering a trial separation, and though he hoped for the best, he feared the worst. now, 6 months later, they are divorced. his children are beautiful and he loves them dearly. and sadly, he now has to sign up for weekends with them.

his wife too wanted something altogether different for herself.

it made me realize how utterly blessed my life is. difficulties, challenges, and all, i would not trade my husband, my sons, my vocation for the world. it's my life. i have chosen this path and within it, i discover contentment.

nothing is perfect this side of eternity. but there is so much beauty before our eyes.

beauty in a wet slobbery kiss from a nearly three year old.

beauty in the goofy grin from a 2 month old who knows he's just overflowed his diaper.

beauty in the shared glance with a husband across a church when you hear that well-known chorus of "old mcdonald had a farm" sung exuberantly during the consecration of the Eucharist.

there is beauty in exhaustion at the end of a long day. there is beauty in forgiveness after an argument. there is beauty in growing from our mistakes, acknowledging our weakness, and entering together into a new tomorrow.

such is marriage. such is family. such is love.

this is my happily ever after. and i thank God every day for it.


  1. Absolutely beautifully written, Gabi. Thanks. ;) I've been struggling with contentment lately & this post helped oh so much.

  2. Lovely post, Gabi.

    In our pew, it's the ABC's that are sung during the consecration. ;)


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