Wednesday, October 7

Like Father, Like Son, Like Daughter?

I have several good friends who were pregnant around the same time as I was. Now that we have had our babies, the topic often comes up of who our babies most resemble. Is the wee one a mirror image of mommy? Or perhaps the spitting image of daddy? I find myself scrutinizing every inch of Matthew, trying to find the vestiges of myself in him amongst the mountains of DNA he inherited from his daddy. He has my eyes, my ears, and my mouth. All good things, I think.

I had the occasion to meditate further on this topic of family resemblance earlier today.

Matthew was having somewhat of a cranky afternoon, having stubbornly refused to settle in for a much-needed nap. What's a sleep-deprived mommy to do? I decided that perhaps a jaunt in the afternoon sunshine might do Matthew some good.

We went on an adventure, choosing as our destination our not-too-distant mailbox. It's a good stretch for an adventure -- short enough to account for Mommy's lack of upper body strength when lugging a twenty-pounder around, yet long enough for Matthew to appreciate the coolness of the apartment upon our reemergence from the 150* weather.

We started off on our expedition. Matthew, within two seconds of being exposed to the sunshine, sneezed abruptly. Once. Twice. And I thought to myself, "Wow, this little boy is just like his father."

And then, as I am in the habit of conversing frequently with myself, I continued the line of thought. I pray that when people look at me, observe my day-to-day doings and sayings, they are inspired to say that I resemble my Father in Heaven. Is it that obvious, that clear, just Who it is I am following, imitating, seeking to be like?  Would people be surprised to discover that yes I am in fact a daughter of God?

I hope and pray the family resemblance is strong. That I don't just say that I believe. Rather, I hope that I wouldn't even have to say it. How profound would it be if every action proclaimed my love for and desire to be like my Father? My life would be a testimony without words, an endless proclamation of the glory, mercy, and love of the Lord.

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