Thursday, October 22

Let The People Rejoice!

And God's providing for my musical creativity continues!

Wednesday of last week, I had a very unexpected and intriguing phone call. The music director of my church, who happens to be a very dear friend I've known for years, conference called me and asked if I'd consider taking over the music for the Teen Mass recently started at my church.

Oh, joy!
I absolutely love playing the piano for Mass. I love leading praise and worship. I love working with young people and giving them opportunities to explore their musical talents. I spent four and a half years involved in campus music ministry in college and tremendously enjoyed it.

Needless to say, my first inclination was to jump for joy and proclaim, "YES!" to the world... But I'm trying to grow in discerning the Lord's will and pursuing that, as opposed to jumping on board anything that sparks my interest without giving much thought or prayer to God's plan. So I took this wonderful opportunity to prayer for a few days, and felt that God was smiling upon this endeavor. Jonathan was supportive and excited to play his own part, literally joining the music team to play guitar! With these confirmations, I called and accepted the position.

Oh, joy!!!!

Just another indication of how the Lord is opening doors for me to pursue and develop my gift of music in the midst of my vocation to motherhood. Not only do I get to do something I love, but Jonathan is also getting more involved in our home church, something I've been praying about and wanting since we moved here!

Also, Matthew is a welcome addition to the music, singing alone in his baby way :) It's such a blessing to work with people who understand the limitations and priorities of being a mother and having a baby to care for. I have plenty of hands ready and willing to hold Matthew if he needs entertaining while Mommy plays.

I am so blessed. How marvelously the Lord shows that He both knows my heart's desires and will provide for them. Please pray that God gives me grace to lead the music for the liturgies, to help get the kids excited about church and happy to be there. Please pray that God fills the kids' hearts with a real joy and a passion for Him. Lord, make me a channel of Your peace, a vessel of Your love, a proclaimer of Your glory and praise!

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  1. Now, I may have a reason for wanting to attend the evening Mass! Not that I don't love Mass at any time of the day or night, it's just that Sun. evening always seemed to me like a last-minute-thing...but now that I know that you are a part of the liturgy I will make an effort to attend. But not this Sunday, Ave. Maria calls. :-)


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