Friday, October 2

Coda of Love - the Finale to the Augustinian Meditation

This love song to a Savior is pure, total surrender. Although I do not know what I am saying to the Almighty, through grace I am completely content and at peace, trusting that my helpless and childlike offering still brings Him delight. “May God himself approve my intention and pardon my failure.”

If one day I am fit to worship Him as He is, it is not of my doing, but because of His grace and His Spirit, with which He inspires my heart to yearn for union with Him. “But let us return to ourselves and acknowledge him there; let us praise the maker in his works; for we are not fit to behold him in himself. One day perhaps we shall be fit to behold him, when our heart has been so cleansed by faith that at last it may rejoice in truth.” 

Left to myself, I would not have found my way to Him. Left to myself with just His mercy, I would not have had the best means to praise Him. But with His Spirit present in the deep recesses of my heart of hearts, rejoicing in an endless song of praise and yearning for reunion, I am able to bring a sacrifice of praise, a death to myself and rebirth in him: a new woman, “...a new covenant – a new song.” 

Knowing full well that human words would not be able to speak His Name, let alone sing His praise, the very Word of God took flesh and became new. He of Himself made all other things new. Thus I, through grace and faith, become myself a new daughter of the King of Kings, made royalty through adoption. This new life infuses my being with a new heart oriented to praise and worship in a new and greater fashion, purified with fire to be able to speak His name with confidence, sing His praise with open heart.

Nonsensical words in the ears of the world are the sweetest love song in the ears of Him I long most to please. I make a total profession of undying love in a love language of the heart that only my Lover understands. It is the spark of the divine burning in my being calling out for the Divine; it is the flame of love reaching for Love.

My song is my own, deeply personal, intimate, and unique. It can never be replicated or stolen. The very breath and melody of my heart alone, my tongues emerge from the most real part of my being, the recesses of my heart that speak when there is no one but Him to listen. No one on earth can judge my song, critique its loveliness, or damage its purity. Raw and unpretentious, my praise is purely me, purely love, purely worship. It is the desire of the heart to love Love: a love song without words.

Sing to the Lord a new song of joy. “You can have no greater, better or surer reason for praising God than that he is good.” Yet, what words are worthy to describe the magnitude of the immeasurable, the greatness of the omnipotent, the wisdom of the all-knowing God? None. Therefore, praise Him in the love language of your heart, the one that is intimately your own, that is love worshiping Love Himself.

Words “cannot express the things that are sung by the heart.”  But I myself cannot be silent. When I contemplate the simple goodness of God, my heart swells in amazement. My own tongue is stilled in wonder and awe, devoid of any thought that could possibly do justice to His majesty. But He did not desire to leave me in such a state of paradox, longing to praise but utterly unable. The Spirit stirs, inspiring such joy within my heart at the beauty of God, and I am overwhelmed with peace and gratitude and love. My heart feels the presence of my Beloved, and whispers gently in His ear– Jubilate.

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  1. Another great meditation. This is such an eloquent explaination of the gift of prayer in tongues. You do Augustine proud.


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