Wednesday, September 23

Thank You for the Music - Voice of An Angel Audition!

I wanted to share a bit about my experience at the Voice of An Angel Callbacks at Rock the Universe. I have to be honest and say, for the three weeks preceding, I wasn't nervous at all. I felt that the opportunity that I had been praying the Lord send me for years was finally here. I felt this was the door being flung open, as God proclaimed from on high, "Here, at last, is your chance, my Beloved little one!"

I felt supremely confident. I know without a doubt that the Lord has graciously given me the gift of music, especially of singing. I am eternally grateful to Him, and know too that He does not give gifts without a purpose for them to bring Him glory. So I went into this audition feeling so at peace. I was secure in my gift, and did not need the competition to validate me or convince me that I was good. And yet, as the day of the competition dawned, I discovered that I was not as peaceful as I had tried to convince myself.

This is my dream. Since I began to develop my passion and gift for music and songwriting, it has been the desire of my heart to perform, to sing for the Lord, and to record. I have tried for years to be "discovered," all to no avail. I have prayed that the Lord, in His time, provide an outlet for the passion that constantly bursts forth from my heart. And now it seems that He is showing me that road.

So on that bright and beautiful September morning, I lay in bed and thought to myself, I might not make it today. And the thought was more awful than I thought. Where had the peace gone? The confidence in my God-given ability? My self-assurance that I would of course move on? How quickly the devil can rob us of our peace. I am convinced that every time I have attempted to done something while resting in the Lord's will, Satan has attacked me full force, sometimes blatantly, sometimes more subtly. And that morning, I felt his lies start chipping away at my peace.

Now, my confidence I can handle being shaken. If my peace is robbed, then much ground is lost. It amazes me how vital peace is to our walk with the Lord, and how easily at times we allow Satan to snatch it away. Never let your peace go without a fight. It is essential to our holiness. It seems almost an oxymoron - fight to be at peace. But it is a clarion call for those of us who claim His name as our own.

I prayed for restoration of peace that entire day, and kept pretending that I was all confidence and grace, rather than the doubtful little girl hiding inside. I kept thinking what if? What if I am rejected? Rejection is such a terrible cross to bear (yet another inspiration for another day's post). Rejection is all the sharper when it is aimed at your life's dream. Praise be to God, I did not have to experience it. Not this day. I auditioned and for a few minutes afterwards went over every second of my song critically, and then let it go. Where an old version of me might have agonized over every supposed error the rest of the night (I auditioned at 5:45p and the results were announced at 11), the new me in Jesus let it go, and said "Fiat. May it be done according to Your will, my God." And waited to hear the results.

I am grateful just to see baby steps of growth in holiness. The old me truly would have agonized and criticized and fretted. The new(er) me strove as much as possible for peace. For that, I thank the Lord. And He was so faithful. And I achieved my goal for that night and made it through to the next stage of the competition - a stage which I have yet to be told what it will encompass. No matter. I am grateful for each new opportunity as it comes, and may God allow there to be another one.

It took almost 5 hours to upload, but here at long last is my audition video! The song I'm singing is called "Speak For Me" by Jaci Velasquez. Enjoy!

Voice of An Angel Audition from Gabriela Frei on Vimeo.

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  1. Great post Gaby. I was with you all day. I didn't realize you were so nervous. It's to your credit that you didn't show it.

  2. Absolutely LOVE it...I am an official fan. We need Gabriella t-shirts :)
    Love and hugs, Mrs. G.

  3. and then sell the t-shirts for big bucks


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