Tuesday, September 29

Full Circle of Love - Finale of the Philosophy of Engagement Rings

The Final Installment of my Philosophy of Engagement Rings. 
I hope you've enjoyed this little essay! 

Finally, the diamond itself is fashioned with many facets. The more facets a diamond has, the greater its capacity to shine. These facets have multiple deeper meanings. They represent how in love and marriage, two lives, filled with a diversity of interests, are intimately yoked together. One does not seek identity in the beloved, but complimentarity. In marriage, two become one, united while retaining their own personhood: the one diamond has many facets.

Additionally, the facets of the diamond, linked with its original lack of color, provide insight into the cooperation of the lover and the beloved with Love Himself. The diamond, colorless of itself, receives into itself the light, and a rainbow of colors emerges forth. Likewise, two hearts joined in loving sacrament, receive into themselves the pure and fecund love of God.

This love is so real, so personal, that it in fact produces a new being, a child that is a tangible sign to the world of the love between husband, wife, and God. No two children are alike, but each adds a new dimension, a new vivacity and personality, to the family’s diversity. Yet, the diversity is harmonious, bound up in the love that perfectly blends and unites.

Waiting a moment or two for her heart to stop racing, then realizing that she really did not want it ever to cease, she took a deep breath and whispered, “Yes.” The instant the ring settled on her finger, she felt the Lord’s presence, giving assent to the future union. She found that she could not remember what it felt like for the ring not to be on her finger. Joining hands with her lover, the two stood before God and asked for His blessing.

sk any engaged woman and she will affirm that the value of her ring extends far beyond material worth or beauty. Regardless of its simplicity or extravagance, this ring will be more precious to her than any other item of jewelry. For it is the symbol of the total gift of a nervous young man to a trembling young girl. It becomes a tangible Totus Tuus, a proclamation to the world that the beloved has given herself to her lover, promising forever to be completely his.

This simple philosophy has been written with the insight and love that an engaged heart has to offer. Having experienced the joy and truth of love, I cannot help but delight in sharing what I myself have delighted in. For this world contains so many opportunities to bask in the goodness of God, so many evidences of His love, whether it be the invisible bond that links two hearts forever in Him, or a the joy and beauty of a simple diamond ring.

Credit and many thanks given to Giedre Krulikas for that fantastic photograph from our wedding. 

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  1. Great series Gaby. I enjoyed seeing this in print the first time, since I know I inspired every word (or at least my ring did). I love the way you look past the surface of things...


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