Sunday, June 20

A Father is a Wonderful Thing...

Happy Father's Day! My prayer is that you all are blessed with good and godly men in your lives that are a true example of Christian manliness.

Our fathers can and ought be the first example of bravery, of honor, of trustworthiness. They ought teach their sons how to be men, how to love women properly. They ought inspire their daughters to value themselves and wait patiently for the man who will show them the honor and respect that they deserve.

Our fathers can and ought be a reflection of God our Father. They ought bear witness to Him in their every word and deed. In honoring and loving our fathers, we are better able to enter into relationship with God.

I have been blessed with two wonderful men in my life, whom I celebrate today.

My father is a man of few words, a man of honor and courage, who fights for life daily and gives me a clear example of what it means to trust in the Lord with all my heart.
My husband is a wonderful, godly, and loving man, who never fails to show me how very much I am cherished. He has jumped headfirst into the role of father, at first hesitant and now confident, and makes our son laugh like no one else. I am honored to be his wife and to have the opportunity to love him and be loved by him a little more each day.

These men are an example to me of our Heavenly Father's love. I have truly been blessed by their testimony. I know that some are not so fortunate. Regardless, find that man in your life, whether it be a father, a grandfather, a husband, boyfriend, priest, friend, or even a stranger showing you a random act of kindness, and thank them today. For today is a day to remember those men who have loved us, some with great sacrifice to themselves.

And never forget that even if you have no one to celebrate this Father's Day, you have a loving Father in Heaven that sees your every accomplishment and is proud, catches your every tear in His hand and counts it precious, and longs for the day He will welcome you home with wide open arms.

My father on earth has sacrificed so much that I might become a happy, well-rounded, intelligent, and loving woman of God. My Heavenly Father sent His only Son to die so that I might live. I have so very much to be grateful for.

For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, "Abba, Father! ~Romans 8:15

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