Tuesday, April 9

why hello there.

she lives!

yes, hello dear reader. i have emerged--and what better time to emerge than alongside the tulips, the baby birds, and our blessed Lord in this Easter season.

it will be a slow start and a tentative journey back into blogging. but i have missed it. it's been too long, and therefore the obvious solution is simply to start anew. 

so much has happened since last i set finger to keyboard (so not as romantic as pen to paper, but we do what we can). i am 23 weeks pregnant with number 3 (gasp, Gasp, GASP!) - and boy is it still challenging some days to wrap my head around that fact. much food for ponderation in there, about accepting God's will, making the conscious choice not to rebel, seeking peace, and it goes on. 

my music ministry abounds--but with some changes: less of my original stuff this year, and more straight up performances and expanding my church base. twill be interesting to see where the Lord takes this. i'm just thankful that for the current time, i've been able to do both motherhood and music with slim-to-none juggling (thank you Jonathan, world's best, most patient, and most supportive hubby). 

lucky to be in love with him.

my two boys are thriving, both because of and in spite of myself. i am growing as a mama, and am delighted to see that our family has settled nicely into the flow of having two underfoot. 

matthew at nearly 4 is a super champ of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. the kid has been in school this past year, is loving the thought of the "new baby in mama's belly," and introduces himself to everyone by announcing, "hi new best friend! let's play!" oh to be young and vigorous and accepting of all once again. 

happy easter from us to you!

daniel, no longer the one and only baby, is 14 months, climbing everything, running everywhere, and causing mayhem to ensue all around him. the little one is a blast. he is full of sweet and slobbery baby kisses, joyful belly laughs, and just about adores his big brother to pieces. he loves his mama alright, too. 

i will leave you with this one meditation from this past sunday, which was one of my absolute favorite kickass feasts of the Church, Divine Mercy Sunday. i mean, how much more incredible a feast can we celebrate a week after remembering the absolute and perfect love of our Lord on the cross, than a celebration of his total and complete mercy, compassion, and welcoming? awesome. 
while at mass, while shuddering under the shame of my two boys' misbehavior and quivering under the supposed judgment i imagined was being flung in our direction, the priest let loose a cannonball upon my heart: do not be locked up in fear any longer. come out and bask in the love and freedom the Lord offers. do not be like the disciples huddled up in the upper room, anxiously awaiting their doom. be free and be at peace. know the Lord is risen. know he is pure and total love, total authority, total freedom. embrace it, embrace him, embrace his will, and experience life as he intended it to be: 


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  1. Gabi, it was YESTERDAY that my kids were little--I swear it! (My second is your hubby's friend, so there's your age referent!) So treasure this time and know that you're doing this right--keeping a strong marriage and Christ as your center!


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