Wednesday, November 4

Meditations on Music and Worry-Free Life

I have been pondering two topics today that I would like to blog about. They are not necessarily related, but they have been on my mind lately. Firstly, the tremendous gift we have in music. And secondly, the necessity for peace in our lives.

Sometimes I am in awe at the marvelous gift that music is to life.

It has tremendous capacity to uplift the spirit, to evoke emotion, bring the listener to tears or joyous motion. Through music, of the right nature of course, we are given the opportunity to join Heaven in proclaiming the glory of God. A phrase uttered in everyday life, such as "Blessed Be the Name," receives an infusion of energy, of passion, and of possibility through song. It has new power to strike you to the core, bring you to your knees and cause you to raise your hands in awe of Him who gives and takes away.

Music can release stress, break through hardness of heart, and provide an avenue for the Lord to bathe us in His love and mercy. I don't know about others, but sometimes I can truly feel the presence of our Lord in the midst of our praise. Not that it alone is worthy of His hearing. But rather, in its simplicity, inadequacy, and humility, our song of praise still brings delight to His ears. He descends to grace our praise with His presence, makes our song worthy through His grace.

It overwhelms me, the gift we have in praising the Lord.

Granted, music can also be corrupted and used in ways that do not glorify the Lord. I lament this fact.

But nonetheless, music is a tremendous grace given to us. And not just music that is purely sacred in nature. There is something about a lilting melody, words about love, about commitment, about giving your all for someone else. Even if the song is not specifically spiritual or Christian, it can still bring joy to your spirit. And that is a victory for the Lord, and a defeat for Satan, who above all else seeks to draw us down into the mud.

And so I'm grateful for song, for music, for harmony and melody, for lyrics and instrumentation. May it be pleasing to Him. May we find true joy and peace in song.

Peace vs. Worry
There's nothing like getting married, having a baby, and diving into adulthood and responsibility to make you realize just how easy you had it as a child and teenager.

And even then, I worried about things, so often insignificant things that really don't matter at the end of the day.

I know that worry doesn't help anything. I know that worrying about a problem doesn't solve that problem, or make it go away, or really accomplish anything aside from wrecking my peacefulness.

But the stretch from knowing to not doing seems impossible to cross.

I want to be at peace in every moment, despite my circumstances. I want to trust that, in the end, there is a meaning and a purpose to every experience, every difficulty, every success. I want to be able at a moment's notice to surrender my plans and expectations in light of the Lord's will.

I'm not there yet. I still have a challenge embracing changes in plans, unexpected expenses, fears that arise in the middle of the night, and the paranoia that sometimes accompanies motherhood.

But at the same time, God has been gracious and faithful, generous and healing. He has brought me so far in the past couple of years. Things that used to throw me completely for a loop (i.e. getting lost in Pittsburgh at night on route to Formal), now cause me simply to shrug my shoulders, say "we'll get there someday," and try to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment's adventure.

But that's life, isn't it? We look back to see how far we've come, so to be encouraged to keep going. Remembering the mountains we've crossed helps us face the ones that lie ahead. I always remind myself that my strength is not my own. I have been given so much, and I am grateful.

Peace comes not from conquering worry. Peace comes from embracing truth, and the truth is that God is in control, period. So we shouldn't worry. We're not in control anyways.

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  1. Why would you worry? You have a husband that can periodically tell you that everything will be okay.

    I read a quote earlier today said something like this, "accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you cannot accept."

    Worry is usually focused on the things that you can't control. Rather than focus on those things, think about what you have within your power to control.


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